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  • Why shall I need an online legal referral service?
Ans: Research says that one of the most stressful times in our life is when we go through a legal conflict. Finding the right legal service takes the burden right off our shoulders. It is the assurance, that your legal rights will be well taken care of, without you being worried about it, throughout the process. However, finding the right legal service, that suits your specific needs, is a stressful job in itself. This is where an online legal referral service comes into aid. We will help you to find the right legal service from the comfort of your home, which can solve your legal issues and protect your rights.


  • How can Law Circuit help me?
Ans: Law Circuit can help you to find the right legal service from the convenience of your home. We will understand your specific legal needs and we will apply our expertise to find the right legal service to cater to your need. We will provide you the option to choose from three best legal services, available in your preferred location, that can help you to resolve your legal issues.


  • What areas of law do Law Circuit can help me with?
Ans: We can help you with any areas of law that you might need help with. Our services extend to the areas of law including Family Law, Personal Injury laws, Wills and Estate Laws, Power of Attorney and Guardianship Laws, Property Laws, Contracts, Business Laws, Criminal Laws, etc. We will help you to find a legal service that will best suit your legal needs.
  • How can I access Law Circuit’s service?

Ans: Law Circuit is an online legal referral service. You can access our services 24/7. You can call to speak with us anytime between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.


  • Does Law Circuit provide legal advice?

Ans: Legal advice can be provided by a lawyer holding a current practicing certificate in Australia. Law Circuit does not provide legal services. However, we can provide you the information related to your inquiry and help you to the best lawyer to give you appropriate legal advice.


  • What is Law Circuit’s satisfaction guarantee service?

Ans: We take our customers very seriously and do not hesitate to walk extra miles to provide the best services to our customers. Once you book our services, we find three best lawyers who can solve your legal issues in our opinion. However, if you feel that those three referrals are no suitable for you for any reason what so ever, you are welcome to contact us. We will provide you free referrals for another three different lawyers until you are satisfied.




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