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Enhance the discoverability and reachability for your expert services

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Candy Cotton

Why choose us

Save time and money in search of the right solution

We help you to reach your ideal client without putting any effort. You will save your money and time for marketing & distribution. When you signed up as our partner, we will recommend your services to the clients who are looking for those services.

Get better connected with your clientele

We provide the calendar integration service for our partners. You will have the opportunity to integrate your calendar with our system. When we refer your services to a client, he/she will have the convenience of booking your appointment straight from our website. You will be automatically notified of the request to make the appointment

Pay as you go model

You have the convenience of paying for our services only when a client books your service through our referral service. There is no upfront membership fee.

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Why choose us

What we do

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We help you get your services listed online

As you sign up as our partner, as our promotional offer, your services will be listed in our platform for free. 

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We help you to manage your bookings and schedules

When you sign up as our partner, you will have the option to integrate your calendar with our platform. 

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We help you to expand your customer base both online and offline

Our affordable service is designed in the way that you will only pay after you get paid.

Home: what we do

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We are here to help you

Telephone: +61418631798


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